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Matthew Maly's books and articles
Russian (CIS)
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Matthew Maly


  • Ten years of experience as an investment advisor, Financial Advisers' International Qualification (FAIQ), four years of experience in venture capital
  • Bicultural Russian-American with eighteen years of recent experience in Russia and Ukraine
  • Three years of teaching experience at Yale and Williams, experience in conducting a seminar
  • Author of three books and about forty articles on Russia's post-communist transition
  • Nine television appearances on Russia Today TV as expert on Russian politics




Business Experience

  • Financial Consultant, AVC Advisory, an investment advisory company, Moscow, 02.06 to present
  • Financial Consultant, DVA Invest, an investment advisory company, Moscow, 02.04 to 02.06
  • Managing Director, International Corporate Services Group, a Ukrainian financial services company, Kyiv, Ukraine 01.00 to 01.04
  • Director of Operations, Defense Enterprise Fund, a US-financed venture capital fund, Moscow, 05.96 to 09.99
  • Investment analysis and research positions with: Deloitte &Touche, Fund for Large Enterprises in Russia, Capital Regent Securities, Renaissance Capital. Moscow, 01.95 to 04.96
  • Owner, Russian food retailing business, Moscow, Russia 01.94 to 01.96
  • Expert, Working Center for Economic Reform, Russian Ministry of Economics, 01.93 to 12.94
  • Litigation Paralegal, Wall Street law firms, New York, NY, USA 01.85-08.85 and 07.86 to 08.89


Political Management Experience

  • Strategist and main speechwriter, Women for the Future, Ukrainian parliamentary elections, 2003
  • Strategist and main speechwriter, Irkutsk Region gubernatorial elections, 2001
  • Expert, Russian Ministry of Economics, 01.93 to 12.94



  • How to Succeed in Life and in Business (audio book in Russian, Moscow 2006, 2007)
  • Russia As It Is: Transformation of a Lose/Lose Society (332 pages, in Russian 2000, 2003, in English, 2003, 2005, in Estonian, 2006)
  • Numerous articles on various aspects of Russian and Ukrainian business and politics


Teaching and Lecturing

Williams College (one year), Yale University (one year), A.T.Kearney (created and conducted an orientation seminar)


Yale University, M.A., Sociology 09.89-06.92

Columbia University, B.A., French 09.80-06.84


Bilingual in English and Russian, understand spoken and written Ukrainian and French


USA, since 1985, born and raised in Moscow, Russia


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