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About the Cairo speech

10.06.2009 11:54


Obama's Cairo speech was very disappointing because it was not realistic but ideological. Here is what I mean. We should see the world as it really is, and then try to make it better. That is realistic. Or we could represent the world as we want it to be and then call for it to be "marvelous, just marvelous", simply because we want to score some points. This is ideological. And since ideology willfully and stubbornly ignores and denies the realities of the world, all it could bring is disaster. This is not a step forward from Bush's criminal lies or Hillary's studied insincerity: this is all the same ideological pretence. The difference is that while we already know Bush and Hillary for who they are, we will be bloodied badly, again, before it finally dawns on us that Obama is no less ideological.

Obama said:

I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles - principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.

Now, to build a democracy and a system of laws based on the win-win principle took the West a thousand of years. Five hundred years ago in Britain they were chopping heads off even better than the Saudis today. If you think Gitmo was bad, just recall the Inquisition. It all took time to learn. And meanwhile people choose to play the game they have a chance to win. Look, I am fifty year old fat Jewish professor. Do you think I am going to play basketball against Le Bron James? No way. Chess – he is welcome. Algebra problems – I giggle with delight. Same with most Muslims. If they are backward, they cannot play the game of mutual respect the same way I cannot risk playing ball against Le Bron.

This needs to be recognized, not ignored. I agree with Obama that education and jobs is the only solution here. But I strongly disagree with the notion that these people could, or that it would be to their emotional advantage, to become our best buddies overnight.

I play chess not basketball because even fat and old people like myself want to be respected. And it is an unfortunate fact that since the world of Muslim men is difficult and cruel, they make the lives of their women even worse. And for the same reason it is easier for the Palestinian Arabs to hate the Jews than to challenge them in science or agriculture.

Obama said, "It is a sign of neither courage nor power to shoot rockets at sleeping children, or to blow up old women on a bus." I agree. But they do so because they do not have the Predators or the phosphorus ordnance. It is a sign of neither courage nor power to completely destroy the city of Fallujah: it is simply the consequence of having the means to do so. In other words, you cannot blame people for choosing to play the game they have a chance of winning. And "winning" is not meant in a realm of a "win-win", it means imposing your own will, your view of the world, and "lose-lose" is perfect for that.

It is extremely stupid on Obama's part to tell the terrorists that they cannot win the war on terror: their aim is not to win it, but to lose-lose it, because the lose-lose game happens to be the only one they are equipped to play.

Obama says, "Six million Jews were killed - more than the entire Jewish population of Israel today. Denying that fact is baseless, ignorant, and hateful." And the answer is, "Yes, it is baseless, ignorant, and hateful! That is the whole point! That is exactly why we like it! What do you want as to do, study algebra?"

I grant that to Barack Obama: he is perfect. But just because he is slender, does not mean I can stop pigging out. And his telling me to stop does not help the situation: I know I should stop and I still pig out.

Obama said it clearly: he respects the faith of Shia Muslims. But there is a day when Shia flagellate themselves with whips and chains until their backs are all bloodied. So Obama respectfully suggests that they should instead flagellate themselves with boiled spaghetti, as it will be less painful.

The same with the Palestinian state: nice, but there is no land for it. Thus, it could not be viable. If it could not be viable, Palestinians would not choose a win-win, so there will be a war. Palestinians must make a fundamental switch from "lose-lose" to "win-win", but this switch must be based on something. You do not go for win-win if you have no chance of winning or if you feel more comfortable when you lose.

Thus, there are two real solutions: Israel takes all the land and becomes a "two chamber democracy" with two people being self-governing and living side-by side. Essentially, there is no legal way to alter the Jewish nature of Israel, but otherwise places are reserved to Jews or Arabs, like it is done in Lebanon. Another solution is to give each Palestinian family $20K so that they all move to Egypt or Syria and live there.

But Obama does not take any of that: he wants Palestinians to live in peace crowded like herring in a barrel in Gaza, he wants Afghans to grow wheat instead of the opium poppy, he wants young blacks to stop dealing drugs and start cleaning tables at Wendy's, and he wants me to lose these stubborn forty pounds. I love the guy, but the reality will disappoint him.

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