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American healthcare fraud

09.10.2009 11:58

When we say that every American must have access to medical care, what we really mean is that every American must be kept healthy, and at affordable price. With that, I agree.

But the huge problem is that "health" and "medical care" are often opposites to one another. The commercial healthcare and pharmaceutical field is the largest fraud and the largest cause of unnecessary deaths of Americans. The Prozac story is bigger and scarier than the Iraq story.

What we end up saying is like, "Since none should go hungry, everyone must take three meals a day, exclusively at McDonalds". Before we offer medical insurance to everyone, we must first outlaw and/or forcibly modify the things that routinely and efficiently undermine our health, such as McDonalds.

We need to start by taking on the medical field for their constant fraud-for profit. We need to overhaul our medical profession as they treat symptoms, not causes, to say nothing of creating new symptoms, which is what they are best at. There should be no obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, or cancer in the first place. Since those things are preventable and self-inflicted, there should be much fewer instances of treatment of them.

We urgently need to take on the pharmaceutical companies, especially when they invent, spread, and foster diseases. We need to outlaw the foods that are counter-healthy: this is the condition number one if we want universal heathcare. We need to take on sugar industry murderers and insulin murderers that go together hand in hand. The sugar content in Coca-Cola is much greater than the level that could be allowed. It is not a matter of taste: it is a matter of life and death, and it is done exclusively to please those who make their money "treating" obesity and diabetes. Indeed, as soon as we promise everyone diabetes treatment, the sugar murderers will figure out a way to double our sugar intake.

We must take on those who legally and openly manufacture ephedrin -- the basic ingredient of methamphetamine.

There cannot be a distinction between "food" and "organic food": there could be no poisonous food produced and sold anywhere, and at any price. We cannot produce pesticides, consume them, and then go for "free" medical treatment: in this vicious circle our bodies lose.

Obama should have started a HEALTH campaign; what he is doing now is a campaign to provide MEDICAL MURDERERS with unlimited funds, so that, together with the food industry, they could kill us all.

If all Americans become insured, they will just have more access to medical poison, and the medical field will have unlimited access to our money, both public and private. This is simply a public relations operation, and its ultimate result will be a rapid extinction of our nation. Of course, this is NOT to say that I am against every Americans right to health care.

But let it be health care, as opposed to medical, pharmaceutical, or food industry fraud.

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