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Contemporary Slavery | Статьи на английском
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Contemporary Slavery

24.06.2012 16:10

Today all of us are living through a grave economic crisis. To be sure, there are people for whom this crisis only means postponing a purchase of a new yacht. But there are hundreds of millions of professional people, living in Europe and in the US, who used to consider themselves well off and who are now in danger of losing everything. Indeed, a former business owner wrote to me that now he has no money for food. Today, that surprises no-one. And what does history tell us, who was the one that had nothing and went hungry? That's right, a slave.

It becomes clear that millions of people in contemporary western societies have found themselves in a situation of hidden slavery, that they are completely dependent on others, that they are closely controlled and stripped of their freedoms, feeding on crumbs off someone else's table. To be sure, they do not realize that and do not see themselves as slaves. But this is nothing unusual: three thousand years ago the slaves, wearing leg irons and bearing whip scars, also saw their situation as normal.

Today we are not wearing leg irons and are not being whipped: the methods of coercion have become more sophisticated. Yet, most of us are slaves, and our freedoms are illusory. We live only to give more power and wealth to other humans, who are no different from us and should not have the right to force us to do their bidding.

The evolution of human society can be seen as evolution of methods whereby a tiny minority enslaves the rest of us in pursuit of limitless power and wealth.


The earliest descriptions of wars tell us that the conquered were mercilessly exterminated. This is understandable since the productivity of human slave labor was very low and the slaves had to be fed on their forced journey back to the conqueror's land. That is why the earliest wars were conducted to grab the land, to depopulate it, and to steal gold and livestock.

When the productivity of labor increased and the logistics improved, the victorious armies began to take slaves back home to be used primarily in agriculture and in construction – the industries that required a great deal of labor. Why did the slaves work? Because the whip made them; so that was purely physical coercion.

But the upper classes wanted to exploit their own people as well. Yet, the weapons were not sophisticated, and so the tiny minority of rulers could not use force to coerce the great majority of intended slaves. The only way to turn the great majority of people into slaves was to dupe them.

And that was when people perfected what was to be the greatest invention in human history. People have always known that humans are guided not by the instinct of self-preservation but by their brain, but rulers did not know how to put this fact to full use until they invented organized religion. People could do without a wheel, and South American native populations were a proof of that. People could do without clothes, even if they were cold or needed protection from rain. But nowhere could people do without a story of how the world was created and run. The story was based on what people thought they knew, what they needed and wanted to believe, with just enough mystery thrown in. In a country with a lot of poisonous snakes, there was a dragon that, for good measure, was breathing fire. In a seafaring country, there was a God of the ocean, etc. It proves that religions were not unsuccessful attempts to understand how the world was created and run: instead, they were perfect attempts to come up with exactly a story the people of the age would believe in.

But whatever the story was, the message was always the same: you must submit to those in the know. And then, the next step was easy: you must work for us, listen to our orders, and give to us whatever we would ask for, including your life. To be sure, imbedded in religious teachings there were moral and ethical codes, and those served to create a more orderly society, promoted arts and industry, gave life a plausible meaning. But these moral and ethical codes never challenged, and indeed, always sanctified, the structure of society that had the all-powerful exploiters on top and the powerless exploited at the bottom.

Thus, instead of a whip, there was now a temple; instead of a physical coercion there was mind control. People were taught to believe, to submit and to expect suffering as if it were a necessary part of their lives – and then people were mercilessly and cruelly exploited.

There is no reason why one person is born a servant and another is born as a king. There is no reason why servants must submit to the whims of kings and give them their devotion, their labor, and sometimes their life. There is no explanation but one: it is the work of an extremely powerful swindle.

The main distinguishing quality of human beings is the desire to understand the world around them. A worm is not conscious of itself or the world around it; all it has are some instincts. A tiger successfully adapts to the world around it, but sees the world as a given, never asking itself any "questions" as to why the world is the way it is and what should be its role or its place in this world. A human being not just sees the world, but considers it and tries to make sense of it. Moreover, a human being is self-aware and must find its place in the in the world. You can ask a five year old every possible question, and you will always get an answer. This answer may be incorrect or naïve, but it will be an answer, because a five year old already has a complete understanding of the entire world and of everything in it. As the child grows, this understanding may need to be refined or modified, here and there, but it is a complete understanding nonetheless.

All humans ask themselves what is the purpose of this world and who created it. That is why the notion of the Creator comes naturally, and human beings start to think about their own personal mission in this context. If we were to call this a religion, then, for every human being, it forms the basis for the worldview and for the search for one's own place in this world.

Thus, awareness of the Creator and admiration of the magnificence that is our world is natural for every human being. Moreover, human beings themselves want to be creators and contributors to the beauty of the world. People see the beauty differently and create and contribute in different ways, but nonetheless all of them do it. The human race cannot be separated from the notion of the Creator since to all humans the Creator's existence is obvious and palpable. But for certain human beings to declare that they personally know the Creator and that the Creator shared thoughts with them, anointed them, and vested them with certain (usually quite unlimited) powers over other humans' behavior, property, and lives – now, that combines perfect knowledge of human psychology with extreme audacity, whose legitimacy and motives are open to question.

The church uniformly blesses the powers-that-be, whatever the cruelty and injustice of this power. Thus, the church perpetuates and legitimizes injustice and itself becomes an essential part of an exploitative power structure. Yet at the same time, religion proposes a moral code that is necessary for society's functioning. Moreover, some religious leaders actually follow that code and serve as examples of morality. In so doing, they play a dubious role: since their moral behavior contributed to an increase of the church's authority and influence, the church being an organization that was created to legitimize and to perpetuate the exploitation. The secular power immediately understands that it needs organized religion and church, and then the state and the church combine forces to weed out and destroy those individuals, within or without the church, who are true moral leaders.

Of course, the role of religion is not limited to legitimizing and facilitating exploitation: religion was invented to provide psychological support and to create a framework within which human life was to take place. Religion protects and inspires, and it carries out these psychological functions very well. Nature does not talk to humans: however beautiful a butterfly may be, it is silent. The religious myths provide space for endless discussion and contemplation: humans like them since they invented them themselves.

Note that all the religion gives is psychological comfort, not actual support. For example, the church may proclaim that a killer would suffer in hell; it is not the same as providing the rights that may have prevented the killing.

At first, God was necessary when humans were fearful and hungry and needed reassurance. It helped to raise the harvests and cross the stormy seas, it helped to get inspired, to create, and to fear committing a crime. And of course, since humans are aware of their mortality, religion helps them to overcome the fear of death and convinces them that their existence, limited in time as it must be, is not senseless. Belief in God created our civilization, but because of organized religion, our political and economic structure is based on exploitation and deceit.

It seemed that looking at boundless and magnificent nature around them and thinking about the Creator of it all, human beings would want to proclaim their freedom, and to see within themselves the great potential the Creator had given them. Instead, the religion taught humans to live in fear. Granted, the fear is natural since the tempest could be strong, the stream fast and violent and the lion or a bear deadly. What religion did was to use this fear of nature to make people submit to the rule of other humans whom it proclaimed as saviors, as mediators between forces of nature and humanity. It was a sly of hand, and it worked very well.

It is for that reason that religious service does not cause joy, liberate, or empower. On the contrary, the religions make us kneel and use crucifix, which is an instrument of torture, as a symbol. And of course, throughout human history the religions have directed their followers to kill all those humans who dared to believe or act differently.

We used a phrase "religious service". But who said that the Creator required service? Creator required nothing but freedom, joy, and creativity. The Creator made beautiful butterflies, whose beauty far exceeds a need for "protection from predators" or "successful mating". And the Creator did not make the butterfly so that we would kneel and hit the ground with our foreheads. A better assumption would be that the butterfly is here to help up to enjoy colors, to become artists, and to protect all living things.

And this cult of submission worked. The history of France is a good example of that. For the ruling classes, France has always been the country of great luxury and excess. Yet, the millions of peasants working the wonderfully productive land of France almost always went hungry. That is, there was a truly remarkable level of confiscation of labor and property. This robbery of peasants could not have been achieved other than by conditioning peasants to submit, and that could only have been achieved by the organized religion to which kneeling comes naturally.

To be sure, there were magnificent cathedrals, the Bible was retold in form of magnificent paintings, there was organ music and hymns and the bells…Yet, all of it was to prevent a peasant from asking himself one simple question, "There was a bountiful harvest this year that I worked very hard to raise and to collect. Why does my family have no food on the table?"

In 1914-1918, there was the World War I, bloody and senseless far beyond anything seen before. The countries that won, Great Britain and France, could justify millions of their casualties by their "victory", but the defeated and ruined countries – Germany, Austria, Russia, as well as Italy – were left in total physical and moral devastation. It was obvious that their God did not help them. And that made them look around – and what did they see? They saw that the God to whom they prayed was no longer the creator of the world they lived in! They had prayed to the wrong God!

The Christian religion talks about the Creator of the world, that is, of the Earth, rivers, flowers, animals, etc. But at the beginning of the 20th century the world Europeans lived in was not created by that God: it was entirely created by the Machine Tool. Europeans did not drink water from the river, did not walk barefoot; instead of the sky they saw ceilings and instead of the sun they used electric lighting. Birds came to them without feathers, cleaned, cut in pieces, and conveniently wrapped.

If Christian God required only a prayer on Sunday morning, the factory worker prayed to his Machine Tool six days a week, for ten hours a day. The Machine Tool was generous to humans as it quickly and cheaply created millions of necessary things. Even the poor now had clothes and shoes, as well as other useful things. But the Machine Tool, just like every God, could also be extremely efficient in cruelty: one machine gun could devastate a cavalry regiment.

But when the countries that lost in the World War I substituted their outdated God for the Machine Tool, they quickly realized that the Machine Tool, being an inanimate maker of inanimate things, wanted humans to be made in His likeness: that is, He wanted humans to be inanimate.

The new converts obliged by quickly organizing World War II that allowed them to put on the altar of the Machine Tool no less than one hundred million corpses. And of course, they introduced a way to kill humans in specially built factories.

The Machine Tool religion helped to create unprecedented dictatorships and turned people into terrified slaves who could not afford even a shadow of discontent. But this religion had a major problem: it was leading towards the extermination of human species since the religion could not reconcile itself with humans being alive. Behind the attempt to create a "Thousand year Reich" or the "Ultimate economic formation – Communism" (where nobody would "possess" anything) clashed with the fact that in order to exist forever human being must be turned into corpse.

But by the time the WWII was over, another method of enslavement was already available. It came to be known as the consumer society.

In the 19th century, workers were made to work a lot and were paid little. Read Karl Marx: it was thought at the time that this discrepancy would produce the largest possible profit for the factory owner. Moreover, it was proclaimed that an attempt to widen this discrepancy still further would bring capitalism down. Workers, squeezed further and further by short-thinking and greedy capitalists, would eventually rebel and overthrow their oppressors. How naive this analysis has turned out to be!

This analysis looked plausible only when the productivity of automated labor was not that great, but in fact, machine tools worked faster and faster and threatened to overstock the stores since the great majority of the population could not afford to buy machine-made products. So, the idea was both a stroke of genius and obvious at the same time: the workers' pay had to go way up, while their working time had to go down. This way, workers would have more money and more time to spend at shopping malls buying up machine-made products.

But wait a minute! We were talking about exploitation, even slavery – and here we have ordinary workers buying everything up at shopping malls! Where is the exploitation? Well, it manifests itself in six (!) different ways.

First, the cost of production of things made by machine tools is low and tends to get even lower. But the selling price could be anything you wish. Take burgers as an example. The production cost of the burger is several cents as it is made out of nothing natural or expensive. Yet, if it is a Super-Special Triple Imperial with Instant Success Flavor Hamburger Deluxe, it could easily sell for five bucks. The same goes for designer jeans, houses, etc. – the list goes on and on. Thus, the amount of money you give to people is not really relevant as long as you could fool them on price: the money comes back to you, it has not travelled far. And indeed, in comparison with the 70ies, the real purchasing power of American middle-class has gone down.

Second is control over people's desires. A person has certain basic needs, and these are housing, enough food to satisfy hunger, a set of clothes, and a few good books. When basic needs of a person are not satisfied, this person's freedom is restricted, so it is a problem. But once the basic needs are satisfied, the marginal utility of additional things is very low and these things do not increase person's freedom, well-being, or happiness. In the West, everybody has a pair of jeans, a room to live in, and enough money to buy food and a few books. And thank you very much: it is good to live in a developed western country. But what happens next? A person is conditioned to have seven pairs of jeans, moreover, he paid $300 for his last pair (produced, as it was, for $3). When a person has to work for three days and in return gets a rag he does need – now, that's slavery.

Some people would say that buying designer jeans was this person's "free choice". But it is not so. Take a look at a WWII documentary. The Nazis are taking people to gas chambers. And thousands of people are walking there themselves. Why? Because the guards are armed with machine guns. Since these are civilians, the great majority of those people had never seen anyone shot and killed with the machine gun. But they walked anyway, because they saw the machine gun as an extremely potent symbol of inevitability of death. You do not need to shoot the gun to scare someone to death with it. Here, it is the same. You did not exercise "free choice" in buying your designer jeans if prior to this purchase you had been told that those who do not have these jeans are hopeless losers who would never get a date.

Third is making a person to buy something that would be harmful in itself and would create additional dependency. If the first two ways to control and enslave were relatively harmless, now we are talking about some really powerful stuff: the "viruses".

Here is an example. I may not have the designer jeans, but I am still a cool guy because I drink a lot of cola. In every cola commercial (and I am exposed, against my will, to a hundred of them a week) girls look very approvingly at this really shapely, muscular guy who enjoys his cola. Well, I want to meet these girls, too. Then I find that I am not so shapely anymore, and soon enough I develop diabetes and need to buy insulin for the rest of my life. I have arrived: I used to be a human being with hopes and plans, but now I have been turned into a source of profits for pharmaceutical companies. I work for insulin and then inject it – and still suffer. I got into this bind against my will, I was coerced, and now I am paying with my life for being caught with a can of cola. Is this not slavery?

Fourth is credit. How did you buy your (unhealthy) hamburger, your (poisonous) cola, your (addictive) cigarettes, your (overpriced) jeans, and your bestseller (that tells you that you should drop everything, enlist, and go fight in Iraq where you are going to get poisoned, maimed, and psychologically damaged)? That is right, you charged it! First, the government increasingly dislikes cash because they want to know and analyze all your expenses, as well as all your travel, movements, and habits. Does that resemble slavery as well? Since the government owns you, they want to know where you are, and are gracious enough to do so without putting you on a dog's chain. But that was just an aside. Credit destroys your concept of earned money and credit makes you pay interest. As a result, you enslave yourself in exchange for things you could have easily done without.

Fifth is housing and mortgages, but I do not want to talk about it, because we do not want to start crying, do we?

Sixth has to do with Google and Facebook that allow the government to get a pretty good idea of who you really are and thus, how to make you do what they need. For example, if for public relations purposes you feel it is time to "catch a terrorist" (so that police could get more funding, since we are a "democracy"), you find a hundred desperate, angry and psychologically unstable people, preferably Muslim, of course. And then you send professionally trained provocateurs to them, make sure they forget to take their medicine, and offer them some explosives. Next minute – they are in jail and police is getting its funding.

The economy rests on money, credit, and the law of supply and demand. Money is what a provider of a product or service gets as his reward. But there appeared other ways to create money, and that distorted the basic relationship between money and whatever is purchased with it. Credit used to be given to those who were likely to return it, with an appropriate interest. That made clear economic sense both to the borrower and to the lender. Then, credits become available to those who may not be able to return them, but would be able to service them, primarily by refinancing at larger and larger interest, until bankruptcy or death. At that point, the notion of the credit was already distorted. But then the banks started giving credit to just about anyone, because they could ensure credits, wrap it up in bundles, reinsure and resell it, in other words, avoid or widely spread the responsibility for it. That completely distorted the meaning of money and credit.

The banks may have thought that the value of their main collateral, the real estate, could never go down and so that the value of the combined collateral would be larger than the money loaned, even if there were some defaults. Well, the banks were mistaken: and it is good that the real estate bubble burst before the entire universe were covered with empty houses. But the point is that only forty years after the dollar went off the gold standard the banks destroyed the notion of money and took the capitalist system down. Will the champions of capitalism, Chinese Communists and Putin's thieves, save the free enterprise system now? They are our last hope.

And now the law of supply and demand. Demand is what people need. People need items that would help to sustain them (food, clothing, etc.) and people need instruments that produce value (plowshares, hammers, etc.) This is what people need. But there are other items, those that people think they need, that is, the ones they have been conditioned to desire. And here we are no longer able to apply the law of supply and demand, because the desires are subjective and driven by advertizing. Also, the price of the desired item can be completely unrelated to the cost of producing it. But we cannot have an efficient economy is the most valuable item in the world is some actress's behind.

Advertizing has severely distorted our economy and made it inefficient and dangerous for consumers. People buy what they had been convinced they desired even at the expense of what they need. Poverty-stricken people have been buying expensive cola with the money they could have used to buy rice. And a price of a desired item could be as high as the seller desires since it is not limited by the objective need.

The same dilemma is killing our political life. An elected politician can gain popularity by doing something for people who elected her. But a politician has more efficient ways of gaining popularity, such as attending TV shows, marrying a movie star, attending various functions, and having a good advertizing campaign. Obviously, none of it helps the people.

The solution is to regulate advertizing of all kinds and to prohibit advertizing of things that are harmful to people. Part of this solution is clear labeling that makes it impossible for consumers to misunderstand what they are buying. For example, there are natural products and there are reconstituted products, and both should be labeled as such.

We have created an economy where the main purpose of a human being it to desire something. Then, this desire will be satisfied (hopefully, on credit). We need to recondition consumers to create and spend only what they had earned. That will redirect their energy towards creative work and will curb their desires.

Even if we had everything dropping on us from sky so that we would not be facing a task of making our economy more efficient, we would still have to recondition people towards creative work and limited needs. It is so because a desire-driven individual is unsustainable. Such individuals will inevitably fall victim to "substance abuse". It could be drugs, clothes, sex, TV – the end will be the same. These individuals are unable to answer a question, "Why am I doing it?", and will find a way to devalue a life that, in their own eyes, has become meaningless.

We mentioned crucifixion as a terrifying instrument of execution that fittingly was chosen for the best person of the age. Crucifix is terrifying because it immobilizes, that is, takes away, person's arms and legs. But today all of us are crucified in a manner that is no less terrifying. Our eyes are attached to television, our ears are covered by headphones that pump into them music that turns us to zombies, our stomach wants to consume the entire supermarket, our bloodstream carries dangerous medicines, our sex organs are dependent on pornography, and our brain knows that a thought should be longer than 140 characters or else it could not be twitted. Our senses get continuously masturbated. With ten or twenty masturbatory experiences per day, even if it is just a chocolate bar, we no longer value our freedom.

Truly, we should envy the slaves of antiquity! Today, the ruling class still has absolute power and gets all the profits, but now slaves come to work by themselves. Moreover, there is no class antagonism: since slaves have their burgers and colas, they consider themselves a success and are ready to defend the system with their life and limb. By contrast, ancient slaves knew they were getting the crumbs from the table. And they behaved accordingly, always trying to regain their freedom. There was no Table Crumbs Royal, with Cheese Flavor (that comes with Large Soda and Gallic Fries), to mislead them.

To liberate ourselves, the following steps need to be taken:

In an area of health and nutrition, we serve as guinea pigs. In a "democratic" state, everybody pays taxes, but then the state redistributes the budget as it sees fit. In the US, the favorite is the medical industry. The US spends 30 times more per capita on "health services" than Latin America, and yet, US citizens are less healthy. For some people, alternative medicine has proven more helpful that the one we spend trillions of dollars to develop.

Human beings are being conditioned to develop fear of freedom of independence, to lose their sense of taste and beauty, they are being taught to measure "success" through possession of pathetic and valueless items and to collect "experiences", most of which the photograph and share on Facebook. There is a lot of emphasis on meaningless sensual experience of seeing, hearing, playing, purchasing, trying, taking, and screwing. There is little emphasis on creating, understanding, admiring, or loving. As a result, there are a lot of walking cadavers.

See if a visit to a museum of contemporary art makes you feel happier, more determined to help your fellow humans, more creative, etc. It does not do any of that for me: I find the art of the last fifty years much less inspiring than older art, and I wonder why is it the case.

And of course, there is TV. We pay for it by watching the commercials, and these commercials teach us a lot of bad things. For example, they teach us that only by giving a girl a chocolate bar could you get back a longing look of limitless love or, if you try another brand, unleash a passionate animal. But the main harm comes from the TV programs themselves as most commercial programming is actually educational. You are taught that it is great to be a moron, that one needs a lot of things, that one's body is ugly, that there is no such thing as taste, that the reality is boring, that the police is everywhere, that your country is, far and away, the best, that everything happens just for laughs, and that any protest would be meaningless and would look silly. This programming is coordinated by people who have a very clear agenda.

After many years of that conditioning, there was time to reap the fruits of it. Here is a great example. After the dissolution of the USSR and the great weakening of Russia, the US found itself as the only superpower. The US had a great army that no longer had a mission. Yet, there was a region in the world that the US wished to control, the oil-rich Middle East. However, there was no pretext under which to invade it. That was a problem, and people worked on solving it.

The events of September 11, 2001 could have been a combination of strange coincidences. Maybe those who stood to gain tens of billions of dollars from the war and/or wanted to accomplish the US's most important political objective of the time – to control the Middle East – were just lucky. But that is unlikely. We know from experience that luck comes to those who try very hard. And it is not necessary to involve one's own people in the actual commission of the act: it is enough to find those who want to do it and simply guide them a little bit. Just give them an idea about lax airport security, drop on their path the information about the structural weaknesses of particular buildings – and here they come, almost completely unexpected.

This has been done before: the WWII started with the "Polish assault" on peaceful Germany, and the entire German army just happened to be there, fully mobilized. But we are not talking about the terrorist act itself; rather, we are talking about how easily the world trusted the official version and went alone with the far-reaching and dire consequences – a ten year war. And since the terrorist act was allegedly committed by the Saudis, it was impeccably logical to send the army to Iraq and Afghanistan.

For some, this terrorist act opened the door to additional opportunities. The passage of the Patriot Act was one. The officially sanctioned total control over money flows, all over the world, was another. When a cleaning lady sends money to her mother, this transaction is checked. But when a Mexican drug cartel launders tens of billions of dollars through a major US bank, it somehow goes unnoticed, and when finally it does get noticed, it remains almost unpunished. It is suggested that we use plastic instead of cash, so that the authorities know where we are at any moment and have a complete picture of our purchases.

Next comes the cell phone. It is an ultimate means of total control over everything that is being said, on or off line. It also allows to map everyone we know and everyone we physically meet. There may be not enough capacity to process and analyze all of this information right now, but wait another five years and this problem will be solved.

So, if some "Moogle" notices that I type on my computer something that is not allowed, GPS confirms my location using my cell phone and then a tiny flying device can come to drop some substance into my coffee. This substance would then come into contact with another substance, introduced into my body during a "flu vaccination" – and my family has to shop for a coffin.

And yet, when we are told that unmanned drones kill terrorists in Pakistan (without a trial, if you pardon my saying so), we naively believe that this system, which is being perfected and miniaturized, will never be used against is. It will be, and soon.

Today in the US half of all profits realized on the stock market go to 0.1% of population of the country. This concentration of power and influence contradicts the concept of democracy. We should also note how this wealth was obtained: those who sell us soft drinks and insulin are surely among the lucky ones. Those who organized the 9/11 spectacle may also be there. On that day, almost 3000 lives were lost, and though it is less than what soft drinks kill on any given day, it is still quite a number of innocent people.

There may be a conspiracy to turn human civilization into some sort of an anthill, based on the total (external, internal, and mental) control of a tiniest minority over the rest of us. This conspiracy may well include an attempt to depopulate certain areas, to reduce the size of human population, and to change the genetic makeup of the human race.

Personal responsibility is very important, but if you have significant excess weight or are malnourished, if you have diabetes, if you are feeling depressed, see your life as pointless or have phobias, if you are addicted to tobacco or drugs, if you spend too much time watching television, if your infection would not go away or even if you developed certain types of cancer – you should know that, to a significant extent, it is not your fault: someone is trying to kill you.

The situation is grave, but it is not hopeless. At least, not yet. Western countries still have democratic laws on the books, and people still have the ability to consolidate their actions.

As consumers, we still have money which we can direct away from the products that damage us and towards the products that sustain us.

First, we must regain control over our bodies. And that means healthy food and medical industry that is based on prevention and on treating the cause of the disease rather than its symptoms. It also means protection of the environment and control over substances we come in contact with.

Second, we must regain control over our minds. That requires profound reform of the educational system, media, and advertizing. Advertizing must cease to be the main driver of our economy, and our economy must be redirected to efficiently fulfill our needs rather than to cater to artificially-created desires that harm us and fads that distort our entire economic system.

Third, we must regain control over our economy. We must return to the true free enterprise system, limited government, democracy as practiced by educated and well-informed populace, and create a society that is socially responsible and does not condemn people to ignorance, lack of opportunity, addictions, or unhealthy food.

Fourth, we must regain control over our work. Our work must bring tangible benefits to people, it must be fairly compensated and it must be done by those who enjoy doing it and are good at what they are doing. We should enjoy our work, not be condemned to do it.

Fifth, we must regain control over our democracy and our government. And that means the end to corporate campaign contributions, PACs, and political advertising in the form that exist today.

Sixth, we must regain control over our destiny by creating a blueprint for just and equitable society for all people of the world, regardless of where they live.

Seventh, we must investigate the 9/11 events so that if there was any foul play we could applaud the talented people who staged it.

Eighth, we must examine our belief system. Today, we are witnessing a grave crisis of the Muslim religion. The willingness to kill innocent people, to perpetuate hatred, injustice and blatant inequality is palpable. The clerics want to bring people back to the darkness of the Middle Ages, yet the strive to build atomic weapons. Their message is becoming more popular, and they might come to power in more countries. Just because other monotheistic religions at this day and age do not behave aggressively and no longer burn people at stakes, does not mean that they are fundamentally different. On the contrary: they are the same. All major religion are based on miracles and the notion of the afterlife, and all of them interfere with human freedom.

You cannot fight an aberration of one church if you belong to another. Humans were created to be free, and all they need to do is to use and enjoy this freedom while realizing that none of us can be free if one of us remains enslaved and oppressed. Freedom is when everyone is free, and freedom of individual is limited only when and if it may encroach on freedom of another person.

If we achieve all that, we will finally be able to find God. It would not be God that was used to make us kneel and accept injustice. It would not be the Machine Tool that made us think that human beings should be inanimate. Every person would be able to do it: to look into the sky, to see the mountains, the plains, or the sea, to feel the land under one's feet and to feel freedom and happiness that life brings. Happiness is exactly the right word here since happiness cannot be achieved at the expense of someone. So where is God, the owner of all this beauty? It is you.

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