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McCain should have made an offer to Hillary…

01.09.2008 11:46


McCain could have been elected had he publicly offered the Vice Presidency to Hillary Clinton. McCain should have said to Hillary, “Let’s be bipartisan and write our platform together, for all Americans; everything is on the table just to have you as my VP.” After his offer is rejected, he should have nominated Meg Whitman of E-bay or some other self-made woman whom he could present as being able to overhaul bureaucracy, do the budget, create jobs… Then, regardless of Hillary’s yes or no, Barack would have been in trouble. But with the selection of Palin the election simply stopped being interesting. American people are not mad. Many Republican voters are elitists, like William F. Buckley, RIP. They would not curtsy to a commoner. John and Cindy McCain are genuine aristocrats, as is George W. Bush, more so even than Prince Charles. During Katrina, Bush certainly showed that he is a direct descendent of Marie-Antoinette… The Kennedys are nobility, and so was FDR. Then there are those who are Naturals, like the Clintons, the Obamas, the Reagans. Then there is “Distinguished Service” like Biden or Ike. Then there those who reigned because the “poisoned the king”: LBJ, Nixon, Truman. But there were no commercial fishermen or University of Idaho graduates in the White House. And there won’t be. This is a mistake people make: common people do not vote for common people, they vote for aristocrats. Take Obama and his wife Michelle. 90% of African-Americans support them. Why? The pundits say it is because Obama and his wife are African-American. But are they? The truth is the Obamas are as far from their typical African-American supporters as you could possibly be. That is why blue color women, who may go for the McCains, since those two have never washed dishes, will be turned off by Palin: she won a lottery, that’s all it is. These women also have their sons deployed in Iraq, and yet they are not trying to use this fact to get into a big black limo, but are quietly doing laundry… Another example. McCain said he does not remember how many houses he has or that a middle class are those earning less than $5M, and yet his rating did not fall. It is so because the common people have, for the last three millennia, worshiped diamond-studded gold crowns.

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